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Rewarding the Front-line workers

·       Three Northern Beaches Rotary clubs: -        Upper Northern Beaches Rotary, -        Dee Why - Warringah Rotary and -        Balgowlah Rotary have approached over 30 restaurants and cafes along the northern beaches peninsular and purchased 340 vouchers as part of their National Australia Day Council grant. The presidents of the 3 clubs are presenting the vouchers to a number of the front line organisations. Rob Haines(President Upper Northern Beaches), Lindy Myers (President Balgowlah) Liz McDougall (Dee Why -Warringah) Vouchers are being distributed to a number of front-line respondents with Covid-19 and bushfire fighting activities. The people involved work as SES volunteers, Lifeline telephone councilors, Covid-19 testing and tracing teams and similar groups who have done a magnificent job over the last 12 months to help protect the community.  Lifeline telephone councilors recognised: Roger Gray (Balgowlah Rotary), Liz McDougall (President Dee

A Great Welcome to 2021

    Well you all know the story of our Christmas /New Year for nearly all of us.... “Stillness descends on northern beaches as the cluster grows. The northern beaches is now locked down. As of 5pm on Saturday, everyone living north of The Spit reverted to the same restrictions the rest of Sydney experienced in March” . SMH Dec 21, 2020 Thankfully we held our club Christmas party 4 days earlier and now our New Year kick off could occur   So HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Tuesday Jan 19, 2021 Our first 'get together' for 2021 was at Clontarf Reserve where Rotarians and partners gathered to meet and welcome in hopefully a different and much better year . John took some good Picnic Pics :   Joy, Tracey and Sue...and Paul   Nigi Robert, Lindy and Bev Lindy and Pauline   Sue, Michael and Rick - Wine anyone? Rick, Michael and Roger discussing the vintage Ian and Nigi Bev and Chiaki     Formerly unknown talents - Watch out Baker's Delight! Robert cuts his amazing home baked lo