Cars n Clues2

Cars n’ Clues 2   After Covid lockdowns and flooding rain caused a string of postponements, our second car rally – Balgowlah Rotary’s Charity Cars n Clues Rally was held on pleasant sunny day on Sunday June 26th and was a great success.Once again, the organising committee had a very interesting route and questions about the sites and places the rally went   A total of 53 cars were entered and over 123 adults and children joined in the fun and learnt more about places on the Northern Beaches. One brave lady drove a group of children who were celebrating a birthday party. Thanks to our club photographer, John O’Brien, we have some great pictures of the fun on the day. The start at Seaforth Oval: Sue and Enid Tony and Michael               Follow that car         And along the route: Am I lost?? How many? Is this it? Joy has an answer President Rick on the road Toys Toys Toys What's inside?   And the Finish: Happy customers at the Barbie Rick on the Barb

Sunrise @ Arranounbai

This morning, Channel 7 breakfast program, Sunrise, had the live cross to Arranounbai in Frenchs Forest. In addition to students, staff, and families, Arranounbai principal, Stephanie Hopkins kindly extended the invitation to Rotary Balgowlah members to also be present since the club has given support to the school for many years. Representing the club were Rick and Chaiki Van Brugge, Lindy Myers, Sue Terry, John O’Brien, and Michael Mead who all braved the cold morning and were at the school at 5:45 am – along with Stephanie, her staff some students, parents, and volunteers. When Sunrise presenter and weatherman, Sam ‘Mac’ McMillan, interviewed Stephanie, she said that Balgowlah Rotary was a valued supporter Arranounbai principal and pointed to the latest equipment, the two Gomier Tricycles purchased and donated by the club.   Left to right: Lindy Myers, Sam Mac, Sue Terry, Michael Mead, Rick Van Brugge, Chiaki Van Brugge and Stephanie Hopkins (Seated on

Arranounbai - An update from Stephanie

Stephanie Hopkins has been a passionate educator for over 25 years. Her teaching experience spans all ages Kindergarten to year 12 in both Australia and in the U.K. and includes a variety of roles, specialising in Gifted and Talented students as well as those with special and higher needs. She was an Assistant Principal of Hebersham (Mt Druitt) Public School where she fostered a program within a behaviour unit. After a short time in London based special schools, Stephanie found her calling in special education when she moved to Arranounbai School in 2013 and where she is currently Principal (since 2018). She relishes all her teaching interactions but none more than as Principal at Arranounbai. It is her wish to be a part of delivering the highest quality of care and education to these children, whilst promoting greater understanding and inclusion in the broader community. Stephanie was awarded a Pride of Workmanship award in 2020 by the club and gave us an update o